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Transform computer science education

We think ISE students will learn best on the job, with mentoring from both industry and academia. In four years at ISE students will complete five paid residencies with companies, where they will be part of real, professional teams, solving real problems as a developer and problem solver. Throughout their degree students will alternate their time between on-campus learning blocks and residencies in partner companies like yours.

Residencies are not internships. Residencies are designed so students learn in the same way medical doctors do, by acquiring prescribed skills in real-world settings. The focus is on project-driven, peer-based learning with input from companies at all times.

ISE student speaking with John Collison of Stripe about a recent project

Who is this for? 
Our value proposition is this: We will find and match the most creative and motivated students to innovative, research active, high potential companies in any industry, in Ireland and beyond. 

Why do this?
ISE wants to change computer science education, first in Ireland, then in Europe and across the world. We want to validate a model of learning within industry to set students up for the challenges they’ll encounter in the real world. We want to construct a pipeline of talent from secondary school through to university and into practice.

Why should companies join the Residency Partner Members Network?

  1. Sign up to our ISE Partner Network to enjoy the benefits of access to exceptional students and to networking with fellow visionaries in support of the ISE Residency programme.
  2. Engage with the ISE team and co-design and shape the student’s residency experience in your company.
  3. Enjoy exclusive access to the pool of pre-selected, high quality software engineering students early on, during all the four years of ISE.

What commitments are required from a residency partner? 

  • Join the residency program as a member company (a membership fee applies).
  • Take at least 2 students in at least one residency.
  • Treat students on residencies as your employees.
  • The membership fee covers the first 2 residencies. You may top it up if you wish to hire more.

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